Posted 2nd Feb 2023 (Posted 19 h, 45 m ago)
My TalkTalk broadband contract is coming to an end March 6th. I've seen some deals now from other providers but when is the right time to switch? Do I wait until the end of my broadband contract or can I buy another contract right now and activate from March 6th?

Any advice please, thank you!
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    Wait. Don't sign up anywhere now because you'll just get hit with the price increases straight away when you hit April. Might as well avoid the first year of that by waiting until the last minute.

    To answer your question though, you can generally leave any time in the last 30 days, and it will take a minimum of 10 working days to switch assuming you're using the Openreach based version of TalkTalk.
    So I'll wait until March, cancel my contract and then wait til April.... Sounds simple enough
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    I have just stopped my 4g internet and moved to full fibre with Vodafone. I feel that I slipped up slightly as I forgot about the month notice period to cancel my contract which stung me paying 10 days over my contract date. Experience has been good but I would ring your provider the month before your contract ends and state you want to cancel without penalty on the day your contract ends. Note that if you are going full fibre etc and you don't already have the infrastructure to your house, it could take a month to get this installed so it is worthwhile getting the new service organised with the start date to take over for no loss of service. OMHO, but yes watch the CPI+ increase.
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