Broadband deals?

    hey guys,

    looking for some advice.

    I am currently moving house, in my old house i was with Bulldog broadband (worst company ever!). in my new house i have a BT line.

    i have a orange 18 month mobile phone contract and have SKY+ full package.

    now, both these companys offer broadband deals unlimited 8Mb for around £10 a month.

    which one should i choose? or should i choose neither and go with some1 else?

    let me know what u think.




    I was with Bulldog too, and I've just gone with Bethere. I get 24mbps unlimited for £18 per month.. get a free wireless router and If you go through quidco you get cashback too.
    They've been brilliant so far, can't knock them at all. I've heard terrible things about Orange broadband and Sky ( Particularly if you download) so wouldn't touch them with a bargepole

    I've just signed up with bethere - everything looks professional until now...

    I can recommend BT, I've been with them for a while now (can't remember exactly how long) and I have never had any problems at all

    Yeah, anther shout out for BT, however, they're not the cheapest

    I just changed to, they aint the cheapest (best broadband package is £24.97 for 2mb) but its unlimited, not like my previous provider Plusnet, who, after introducing a fair usage policy (alot of ISP's are using this) regularly capped my download speed until I could hardly open a webpage, also the latency when playing games was a joke, it all depends on what you want to use your ISP for.
    Up to now Tesco seem ok

    Neither Orange nor Sky, try BE.

    AOL through cpw stores - free dell laptop, good specs

    orange for £5/mnth for unlimited 8 mb wireless with free router and free landline calls nationally and to 150 countries for free!!!

    Probably going to get flamed for this but..........

    Talk Talk have done me proud. Been with them since they started the "free" promo and I have to say I have only had 2 minor problems and they have both been sorted out within 20 minutes over the phone.

    I was with Pipex and they sucked big time. I may have just been lucky with talktalk but I have always recommended them to others.

    It is limited to 40gig a month but thats plenty for my needs.

    Sadly, most broadband companies only focus on price these days as it's what customers respond to, then they complain when they get a terrible level of service. It's simply impossible to deliver a good service at the prices that some providers offer.

    I'm going to be another vote for "none of the above", and highly recommend Be as providing the best value broadband service in the country. They provide an excellent service without the high prices of the likes of Zen and Eclipse.

    Everyone else seems to disagree:? But i've been with orange (free broadband with my contract) for about a year - great connection, and the only time i had a problem, an Indian lady (wonder where the call centre is? :giggle: ) was quite helpful in sorting the problem.
    From my personal experience, i'd recommend them:thumbsup:

    I'm another one with Bethere. Was previously with AOL for 6 years and as far as I'm concerned, their customer services is non existant now and I resent calling an 0845 number to contact them for anything, especially when they keep you waiting. I also found their speed was well under what I was paying for and what my line was capable of (as confirmed by BT) and AOL didn't really care or try to resolve it.

    I went through quidco to bethere, was simple to join and get connected, free wireless router, unlimited on the 24meg package that costs me £18 per month. On average, I'm getting 16meg which I'm over the moon with, especially for £18. Have had no probs with them yet, their helpline is freephone and I even had a courtesy e mail a couple of days ago to say the service would be down from 2am till 4am. Not that it affected me, but was nice to be told :giggle:

    Are there any out there with a uk based call centre,I am with BT and I have had a few problems in the past with connection speed. I found their Indian based, or wherever call centres a complete and utter frustrating waste of time with operatives on autopilot reading from question and answer scripts.
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