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    I have a t-mobile dongle that is unlocked but i dont use the t-mobile software thats onit i use mobile partner how do i take the t-mobile software of it and put mobile partner onit?


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    Anyone Please

    What model dongle do you have? The the right dashboard can be linked for you

    The dashboard you is likely to be one of these…wei
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    its huawei e1750


    its huawei e1750

    The Huawei E1750 dashboard file you need is here, taken from the Huawei website:

    Download the Zip file
    Unzip the file inside the Zip archive
    Plug in your dongle
    Close down any software that autoruns
    Make sure your computer /laptop is on full power
    Double click the file that you unzipped from it's new location
    Follow the on screen instructions, let the Mobile partner install on to your dongle then voila.

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