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Hi, Does anyone know of or can they recomend a Broadband Provider that can supply a friend of mine.
price is the main thing and they have a BT phone line
It's only going to be used for email and small amount of surfing so a download limit isn't a problem - it may well be cheaper for them to go dial-up although the not having to clock watch all the time you're on-line would be better - speed isn't a problem either as they are only used to dial-up so even 512 connection would seem fast to them.

any ideas?


o2 have a v. cheap service 12.50 but 7.50 if you are an o2 mobile monthly customer - 8m/bits with free router AND quidco have a £40 loyalty payment! cheap as proverbial and will be a real breath of fresh air if (s)he is used to dial-up! hth.

if he has sky its free

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Many thanks, I hadn't thought of the Mobile phone thing, I'll find out if they're on contract phone..

never, ever, ever buy tiscali EVER!

others are all pretty average, just depends on your circumstances:-

Orange mobile? - orange will give you £10 discount if you take BB
Sky tv - get BB for free
TalkTalk - free BB if you take there line rental
O2 /Be- cheap BB
Got cable? - Virgin Media

AOL, BT offer fairly standard bb/phone deals that don't require much fiddling around.

You may get better speeds with O2/Sky using ADSL2+ but it really depends how far you are away from the exchange - any more than 3km and it won't make much difference- check out for more info.

Why listen to me? - I use to work for one of the above...

Virgin Media are doing 2mb broadband & phone for £15.50 for 12 months if they wanted to change phone line supplier.

uknsaunders speaks a lot of sense!
I'd add that where possible (and non-cable) go for an LLU provider - otherwise you're at the mercy of BT's network and contention issues.
Sky is good - very 'loosely applied' usage cap (no record of anyone ever being capped or penalised for going over cap!) - beware though - if you are not able to get a space on their LLU - you get re-badged BT broadband!!

Plusnet are very good. I have never had any problems and the extras that you get are well worth it.

They do a package for £9.99 pm with no contract.

Plusnets 9.99 is with a 1gb cap if memory serves me right. I think any download cap of under 10gb will cause problems in the future as bbc iplayer and other streaming services come online.

Just to clarify the LLU thing, it's a pro's and cons. On the one hand ISP's will be able to offer you more attractive deals in the future because their costs are lower than IPStream - however you may experience issues with migrating away from the ISP to another ISP (from what I have read), the original MAC code process was developed for IPStream not LLU (i suspect ofcom are working on it though). The other issue some people suffer with LLU is when you transfer your phone line as well (ie fully unbundled LLU), this can sometimes take longer and cause more connectivity problems intially, from what I've heard in the press. Partly unbundled LLU (ie. just BB) have tended in the past to go more smoothly.

Regarding contention, I would of thought traffic shaping by the ISP is a far more serious performance issue (especially if you are a heavy P2P user). Most ISP's do this now so it's always worth asking any ISP what they traffic shape and what they don't ie. http web traffic or just P2P?
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