Broadband Help and Advice Please!!

    I have been with Virgin since December, the up to 8 meg service. From day 1 - it was obvious I was not gonna get anywhere near 8 meg - was (and still am) getting more like 300k connection.
    Decided in January to move to a to a 2 meg connection which should have taken 5-7 days. Chased it over and over, being told that BT were having problems and there was nothing more they could do!!!! :x

    Well, today I rang up customer services and have managed to be released from my contract without any charges!!! :thumbsup:

    The problem i'm faced with now is, I don't know which ISP to go with??

    Was with Tiscali prior to Virgin, so don't really want to go back there (service was excellent for 12 months on their 2 meg service until we registered our interest in 8 meg - it then went down the toilet!)

    Sky is an option (cheap too) - but will moving to them with a mac code give me exactly the same problems?

    Do I need to move to an ISP NOT on an 8 meg service and can I do that with a mac code?

    Please help!!:-(



    Nildram gets my vote, not with them yet but they are supposed to be a good broadband provider.

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    i'm not sure what it is you're trying to say Kelly?


    i'm not sure what it is you're trying to say Kelly?

    I know, sorry, didnt really make myself clear :giggle:

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    i agree do not go wiv orange:x

    We've been with homechoice with over two years now. They're great. We had lots of problems when we moved from 2meg to 8meg - turned out our BT line couldn't handle it. So we went back to 2 meg and have not had any problems.:thumbsup:

    We also get free weekend & evening calls and also free tv - pretty good for £17pm. :-D

    Having said that they've just been taken over by Tiscali so I don't know what their service for new customers is going to be like .....

    Customer service is unusually good - if there's a problem they can't sort out over the phone, then they'll send their engineers round.

    DONT go for sky - they're C**P!!! Apparently they don't have the resources to fulfill the broadband interest people have registered and keep you hanging on - literally. My brother tried to get sky broadband - he got the dish and tried getting broadband - he spent HOURS hanging on the phone with no reply. Just kept getting msg that he's held in a queue. There's no other way of getting thru to Broadband Customer Services. So avoid like the plague.

    I'm in the same boat, I was being charged way too much approx 22 quid for the old freeserve broadband service, since then its been re-vamped to wannadoo now Orange. Phoned up to cancel and was given a rate which they give to long standing customers of 9.95 ( prob plus VAT) for the same service i get now, so saved half my monthly bill by threatening to leave..mind you its cost me loads by being to lazy to do this before. Customer service is a bit ropey and can take a while to get to talk to someone, otherwise the service broadband itself is fine in my own experience.

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    See now, part of me says 'go back to Tiscali' - but on a fixed 2 meg deal, but I know that Tiscali throttle the linespeed!

    Anyone with BT?

    a friend of mine has just joined Toucan,was round at hers last night and it seems to be pretty good.

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    I always thought that Toucan was cable only? - It seems I was wrong!!

    Check here and it will advise you what is avaliable in your area…nd/ also how far from the exchange are you as this also complicates the adsl speed wise.
    If you are looking for speed The only resource to use is cable. Constant speeds and no capping but if you are not in a cable area. that website will confirm who is avaliable to you.

    we were with eclipse for a few years before we changed to telewest for the better bundles. Had no problems with eclipse when we were with them.

    havent had any probs with pipex nor ntl.......toucan wouldnt go near again,aol shite,.......cant help other than these

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    Sorry guys, I should have made it clear - I'm not in a cable area, which kind of limits my options.

    I'm thinking of trying to go for a fixed 2 meg service (again) like in the good old days!!
    But it's hard to find an ISP that offers fixed linespeed and unlimited downloads and that doesn't cost the earth!!

    yeah I know - moon on a stick!

    AOL isn't bad although it appears on the outset to be suited more to people who have no idea about computers or the internet, but when you try their customer service it is terrible! If you know how to solve problems yourself and can avoid their software it's not a bad bet (and £35 quidco right now I believe)

    tiscali aren't too bad for the money, friend of mine says wanadoo is good but I think they have limitis.

    Personally I'm looking for something with no limits and no minimum contract.. These seem non existant!

    AOL is the worst EVER !!

    The amount of times a called india and they just did not understand a bloomin word i said and when sometimes they did understand....they just didnt do it anyway !!!

    I got so so so frustrated with AOL and their call centre in India,

    Their AOL site is appauling aswell, all it seems to be is offering you stuff and ads etc.

    Please anyone,.....avoid AOL at all costs.


    AOL is the worst EVER !!The amount of times a called india and they just … AOL is the worst EVER !!The amount of times a called india and they just did not understand a bloomin word i said and when sometimes they did understand....they just didnt do it anyway !!!I got so so so frustrated with AOL and their call centre in India, Their AOL site is appauling aswell, all it seems to be is offering you stuff and ads etc.Please anyone,.....avoid AOL at all costs.

    They moved at least some of their call centres to the UK, and sure enough they could suddenly solve my problems!

    Yeh they have one in Ireland, i always prayed everytime i had to phone that i would get put through to there but it never happend lol

    Don't go with Pipex, just had a nightmare getting away from them!!

    Where you should go really depends on your needs, I am migrating to ukfsn (on wednesday, yay!!) but check out this site for comparisons and reviews and whatnot.…php

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    Thats an excellent site Starlet - thank you very much!

    I am a bit spoilt for choice now!!


    i agree do not go wiv orange:x

    can somone please explain why NOT to go with orange? i am thinking about it or at least was thinking about it......

    We were planning to go with Talk Talk 3, but couldn't get the pages to load completely (stopped you moving onto next section of application), anyway, got in touch via e-mail, they replied quoting a free phone number to call.

    Thought (yesterday) try one last time before going to phone route, and low and behold web pages where working correctly! But........ the free broadband offer has now been pulled!! :x

    What frustration! Reckon the 'problem' with pages was a delaying tactic.:x

    So, now got to start all over again sourcing which provider to go with. :x

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    I'm possibly going to go with SKY, though still got more research to do. At £5 a month and free evening and weekend calls (Sky Connect the offer price is £5 amonth instead of £17 + £20 connection fee), it's certainly quite cheap.
    Could do with some info from anyone else who has sky broadband.....

    If you've had or are having problems with your ISP (I note that several posters have marked out orange) then make a ]complaint to the ]Internet Service Providers Association. Just read about them and they seem to get a result :thumbsup:

    I always here bad news about AOL, but Ive been with them for 2 years ish, and never had a problem. I agree, their software is appalling, but just dont install it and use firefox! Easy peasy and dont have to be a brainbox to work round the software!

    Im supposedly on a 8meg connection, but pick up 6meg on a broadband speed test, which I think is pretty acceptable as thats the speed running on a wireless network and since they always state UPTO 8meg.



    can somone please explain why NOT to go with orange? i am thinking about … can somone please explain why NOT to go with orange? i am thinking about it or at least was thinking about it......

    Take a look…B2/ there - many customers not happy with service (Me included)

    Also, there was a list of best/worst providers in the Times a few weeks ago

    Orange and sky were bottom, blueyonder and virgin (I think it was virgin) were top

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    UPDATE - quite a while since my original post!

    Should be getting connected to Sky tomorrow!!!

    Since my original post, I had even more fun with Virgin, even though they had requested my MAC for me, they couldn't generate one because my regrade from 8 to 2 meg was still stuck in the system!!! took lengthly conversations with their online technical chat-desk to get a very helpful chap to call BT and cancel the regrade so that I could get my MAC! - phew... was probably a good thing that it was delayed, because in the 2 weeks that passed, my exchange was unbundled for SKY - which means I will be using their equipment and not BT's, moving from Adsl to ADSL2+ - which is brilliant!!!!! - It also means I can go onto either the Base, Mid or Max package instead of just the Connect one!!

    fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

    Hey jayhab,

    Any more feedback on your ISP transfer? How are Sky?

    I am thinking of going to Virgin becuase of: Free Modem, Up to 8Mb, Unlimited downloads and free Evening and weekend calls to UK landlines all for £14.99!

    This seems a good deal to me correct me if I am wrong?

    I am currently on 8mb but to save some £ may opt for Virgin. I can get Sky BB for a tenner but people I know have had endless problems!


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    Hi Speedking,

    Firstly, I migrated away from Virgin, they're customer service infrastructure is pants - thankfully, they have a couple of employees who really know their stuff - if you're lucky enough to get in contact with them when you call / go online.

    Secondly, they do have contention issues, so if you'll be using a BT line (ie not cable) with their service, and they're popular at your exchange, you can expect your connection speed to suffer.

    Ok, onto Sky, I too had heard many tales of horror stories, but I can honestly say, I have had zero issues/problems with Sky. Free Router, 8Mb, 40gb of downloads and free evening and weekend calls for £5 amonth (+a Sky sub and £20 connection fee).

    If you can get Sky for a tenner, I take it that your local exchange has been LLU'd - if so, depending on how far you are from the exchange (line length) - if you go for the £10 deal you may be able to get the 16mb service, unlimited downloads, free router and evening and weekend calls. (no connection fee on the £10 package).

    Although you are on an 8meg package and may move to an 8 meg package with Virgin, you will not be guaranteed 8meg. My router syncs at just under 8 meg, and my downloads max out at around 800KB/s which is excellent compared to the 150KB/s that I was getting from Virgin (on a good day).

    So, in summary - there are issues if you're unlucky, but for me it's a total no-brainer - SKY is FAB!
    If you fancy a light read!!! try ] - it's an unofficial forum for users of sky broadband - lots of really useful info in the forums - it's where I spend the rest of my time when i'm not on Hukd!!!

    If you need anymore info - just ask!
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