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What have people been taking up lately with mobile phone deals. I want to go contract as spending too much on pay as you go on o2. Is the Vodafone Quidco offer worth getting ? Been looking at Virgin Media,don't want to be spending anything more than £15 a mth or hopefully less and get more than what I've been getting with o2

I'm after maybe 200mins if not more a mth in calls and fair few free texts and some internet data,never used internet on a mobile before so don't know what phones are capable of what.

Also I'm currently accessing the internet via a 3 dongle on a laptop,and it's expensive as I keep needing to top up too often once kids data gone on home access grant dongle then I use up loads on pay as you go dongle.and was wondering if any broadband services that don't have a 12mth contract. I have a landline at the place I rent but don't want to use it,so I guess having broadband on the line I would need pay line rental... so is the Virgin cable net any good and would they need to do anything major as can't do too much with place I'm renting,they refused Sky dish etc.

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