Broadband: Help needed

    Following months of complaints to Talk Talk, i have cancelled my contract (and they agreed to release me without paying the £70 fee - just thought I would pass that on ;-) ) and I am now on the hunt for a cheap and reliable service provider.

    Can anyone provide me with any info on other broadband providers, to help me evaluate the options I have available.

    Many thanks in advance for all help given




    Sky are doing some good deals at the moment

    You need to be a sky customer, have a BT line

    prices are
    free -2meg - 2gb month allowance £40 setup
    £5 per month 8mb - 40gb allowance £20 setup
    £10 per month 16 meg unlimited allowance no set up fee

    speeds are subject to line availabilty and I am sure there will be a fair usage policy in there

    I am not with sky as I am tied into a contract elsewhere but these seem like good deals to me

    Hope this helps and I think I have been accurate

    Good luck

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    Thanks Necrodeathhead, this is really useful - much appreciated

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    Thanks Danmem, I don't have Sky so its not the one for me, but thanks for taking the time to respond, much appreciated.


    Thanks, this is really useful - much appreciated

    Would appreciate your feedback on talk talk - I have signed up and awaiting switch on. Am starting to get concerned as its an 18 month contract. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, to be honest, TalkTalk were absolutely $hite!!!!! Not meaning to cause any offense here, but they were attrocious. From a constantly interupted BB connection, to very poor customer service - I will not be going back.

    You should be aware that they do have a cooling off period, which you may cancel if you are still eligible.

    To give you an example, I went into a Carphone Warehouse to discuss the possibility of getting a wireless router and when I explained my problems with the service, they sarcastically repsonded "surprise surprise, another unhappy customer"

    Good luck with them


    Hey, in actual fact Tiscali can be cheaper than BT for its call rates! For standard daytime calls it's 10% cheaper at 2.7p, mobile rates are 5% cheaper and international rates are 20% cheaper! But there're also some packages which include all local and national calls in the price so they're free to call... like 2MB BB and Anytime talk for £19.99.
    The special offer at the min ends on the 28th, which is 1MB BB and free weekend calls to local and national numbers, however Tiscali do become your main call provider and charge at the rates quoted above.
    Oh and all the packages are unlimited!


    I've been told that ]Nildram are one of the top broadband providers, would have switched to them when i moved but house sale has fallen through so just sticking with my current pants provider (ukonline)
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