Broadband mac codes questions?

    I am tempted to change my ISP (Plusnet) as I am fed up with the trickle of data in the evenings and also really quite a slow service at peak times. Some of this is not just them,.but due to congestion on the lines and presumably the state of BT lines feeding my street. My friend who lives further from the exchange than I do, perhaps another mile, gets a much better service from BT as an ISP so something is wrong somewhere.

    I was tempted to go down the route of Virgin cable. So a couple of questions

    1) If I ring my ISP and ask for a MAC code am I then committed to leave or could i just think about it and maybe forget the idea?

    2) If I swopped to Virgin, do I actually need a MAC code as presumably they route by cable and don't use the BT lines?

    3) If I went to cable, I could cancel my BT line at home. Does this mean i would be faced with some incrediably large reconnection fee if i went back to them, and if joining a new BT line using ISP, would tehy still require a MAC code or do you just start again?

    Hopefully someone will understand what I mean!



    1. can let it expire and continue your service

    2. you'll need to cancel your BB in that case

    3. Virgin should cancel your BT line for you. If you rejoined BT you'd need to activate BB again which will cost you

    Original Poster

    Makes it expensive to move away to cable and then want to go back in future. Damn.

    i've been experiencing the same thing. I was also with Plusnet but have recently (past few days) switched to O2 broadband as offering more download and more speed at a less price (under a tenner a month being an O2 mobile customer). Promo offer until 31st october including three months free plus going through quidco (approx 75quid cashback) = almost a year free broadband

    Hardest part was getting Plusnet to answer the phone but when they did got a MAC key no problems. MAC key is active for 30days before it expires after which you can ask for another if you want, there is no limit to the number of MAC keys you can get but they must be expired before getting the next.


    Makes it expensive to move away to cable and then want to go back in … Makes it expensive to move away to cable and then want to go back in future. Damn.

    I did the same thing ie. moved from BT to Virgin, but changed back after a few years as Virgin introduced their 'traffic management' system. I dumped them and returned to BT and at the time they were reconnecting for free if you signed up for 12 months.

    Apparently the chaps were saying that if you plug a phone into your BT line and get a dead tone, they don't physically have to reconnect you, its all done at the exchange. This was the case with mine and they did it for free :thumbsup:
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