Broadband - no 12 month contract???

    Hi all,

    Just really after some advice please. I have just got my first laptop and want to hook up the net at my flat. There has been a phone line connected here before so I have called BT to have it connected, no problem.

    However, I want to set up broadband but only for a period of 3 months. I simply dont need (cant use) the 12 months minimum that is all I can see. Is it possible without having to pay out the term of the contract or £50 penalty charges?

    Thanks a lot


    Mmmm I use prodigy which only has a 1 month contract. Only problem is its £39.99 connection fee for new customers, Free if your migrating

    See here…rue

    500kbps to 8Mbps Lite
    2Gb transfer included £14.99 Per Month (Okay for the casual surfer, not download crazy ppl)

    Minimum Contract
    1 months notice on all speeds.
    No cancellation fees.
    Simply call our support line if you need to cancel

    Most ISP's will do a rolling contract, but your monthly sub will probably be dearer - try [url][/url]

    I believe Virgin also do PAYG broadband, or at least they use to if they dont now. Its not really any more expensive than a 12 month contract either. worth checking out. will beoverhauled in time as BT just bought them, from their appauling & deceptive history of service and CS, personally that will be a while off imo and i was a customer of theirs for many years.

    Thing is boon you still need to active adsl on your line which means £40+ outlay, I would suggest [url][/url] who do rolling monthly contract

    BE Unlimited.

    24mb for £24 which is pennies and 3 month opt out, perfect for you.

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    Thanks for all your advice guys - much appreciated!
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