Broadband on the move

    I need to use the internet whilst on the move. What is the best way to do this at the moment deal wise. I have my laptop and now need to get the rest.

    cheers in advance


    I think, t-mobile is doing the best deal at the moment,USB stick only £9.99,£15 a month for unlimited usage.Great speeds,no limits-i like it.
    Others have download limits,and if you go over the limit charges are heavy.

    x-series from 3 is what I'd go for from £5 a month for "unlimited".…omp

    You can access the internet on your phone, or use your handset as a bluetooth modem.

    The only drawback is that you need to have a 3 contract, and if you're a new customer it's restriced to certain handsets. If you're an existing customer however, there's no need to change handsets and no minimum term.

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys. Thanks for the advice.

    Im not with three and so will prob go for the first one.

    What mobile phone have you got?

    HDSA? Can these types of phone be used as modems too?

    Could be a winner!

    I think the best deal is no doubt from T-Mobile.
    I have gone with them & I AM SOOOOOOOOOO Happy
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