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    Hi, anyone know where the cheapest broadband package is. not wireless.

    let me know


    if you have a contract mobile with orange, for around £30 per month, they give you free broadband.
    they're not the best rated provider, but for free, who really cares!!!

    My mate has tried since December to leave Orange broadband - when he asked for his MAC the woman at the Indian call centre misunderstood him & signed him up for Orange's Max Package with a minimum 18 month contract!

    He's been trying ever since to get the contract cancelled & his account closed so he can move to another broadband provider- no luck so far!

    if you need a full package with phone and TV we have the 10mb broadband-free landline calls nationally day and night-and the XL package for TV for £38.50 a month-Virgin media. I think its a good deal but you have to ask them. Modem and fitting was free when we got it but if you don get what you want in the first phonecall ring back and they will give you another offer..hoe this makes sense!!

    Dont go for the cheapest, it isnt cheap in the long run once you have called their £1.50/minute tech support line for the 500th time to tell them it doesnt work and they send you through the same steps again and again and then tell you it will be ok in 20 mins just to get you off the phone.

    Instead spend half an hour doing a little research over at [url][/url] (formerly adslguide).

    The have genuine reviews and rankings on all the BB suppliers and the rankings are based on their customers so are not industry set rankings or anything daft.

    Couple to avoid:
    AOL - Shocking customer service and unreliable connections.
    Tiscali - too big for their own boots and shocking customer service.

    Couple of personal recomendations:
    Freedom2Surf - Reasonably priced, reliable connection and excellent customer service. (only time I ever called, they dropped my price by £10/month and upped my speed).
    TeleWest - Excellently priced when using their phone, tv and BB and they are also v reliable.

    Do some research is the best bet and dont always go for the cheapest.

    If u have sky I would recommend their service.

    Ive been with AOL since dial up and have never had a problem

    But im moving to VM 20Mb next week because frankly AOL's pricing sucks against Virgin


    have you got cable in your road?

    Original Poster

    thanks for your help. what is the cheapest broadband at the moment. looking to around £12 a month


    thanks for your help. what is the cheapest broadband at the moment. … thanks for your help. what is the cheapest broadband at the moment. looking to around £12 a month

    if youre in a cable area you can get VM 2Mb for £15.50/month with free weekedn calls and £55 quidco :thumbsup:
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