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    i currently have 2mb ntl unlimited,im paying 9.99 for it.i know its a good deal,but soon i will have my own computer,so there will be 2 computers, that means we will have to split the connection meaning we have 1mb each if were both online at the same time.
    iv tried ringing ntl for a free upgrade :-D ,some people said theve got this is you threaten them to leave,any ideas anyone.i want as fast as possible but i dont want to be paying more than like £20 lol.
    is there any packages,where you can have a free trial and then quite like the dvd rental packages.
    the area i live in can have any brand,i mean its got access to ntl,sky and all the others.



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    I am not an expert but are you sure that by having two pc's it will mean you only get 1mb each?
    The reason I say this is because we have 2 computers and are with telewest(4mb ultd).My pc is networked via an ethernet cable to my husband's pc and i do not notice any difference,well maybe half a second at most,when we are both online.In fact i can find things quicker but that is only because my eyesight is better!!

    I am sure that there are some experts on here who can advise you better,but it may be worth seeing how it goes with ntl first,as,as far as I am aware,cable broadband is one of the best ways to go.We have certainly not had any problems since switching from Wannadon't.

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    im going to get a few prices,and then ring ntl and see if i can get a better deal.just found a good company "toucan surf",8mb for 14.99 prefect............only for bt customers lol.but i was originally a bt customer,so i havent a clue.can anyone confirm this.
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