Broadband, phone line and sky!


    Has anyone got any good advice - me parents have got a rubbish deal at the mo I think - they pay for Sky (Sports & Movies & HD) - customer for a long time, have a BT line - also had for ages and get an overpriced Plusnet broadband - also for ages
    Should they cancel BT and Plusnet and just get everything with Sky? Should they try this trick of cancelling and become a new customer in a different name?

    Any advice much appreciated - cheers ppl


    I have got my Sky broadband package (£18.50) and then I get free broadband. I also have my phone line with Sky for £10 and get free calls evening and weekends. So for £28.50 I have my chosen Syk TV package, broadband, telephone line rental and calls - can't be bad!!

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    thanks for your reply! so you've got sky with no bt line then - it's just i thought u had to have a bt line?!

    sky now do line rental
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