Broadband plus line rental

    Looking for a good broadband deal...

    Hi there, I am a mature student and have just moved into a shared house.

    I'm a HEAVY broadband user and I'm looking for the best deal.

    There's a BT line coming into the place (which had a dial tone so I assume it's classed as "active")

    I was trying to decide between Virgin Media, O2 and Sky.

    Looks like Virgin is out because apparently its an old analogue cable line coming in.

    Sky looks good for the all in one line rental, tv and unlimited internet for about £36 a month.

    O2 looks good for cheap packages but I'd need to get line rental else where?

    What's the general oppinion and am I missing any good deals?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Rich.


    try uswitch for comparisons

    TalkTalk seem to be the hottest offer at the moment.

    If you are a heavy user Talk Talk is not an option. O2/Be* and Sky are both decent. I would go with O2 as you can get 20Mb DL and 1.5Mb UL for under £10 a month if you have an O2 mobile phone (even just a PAYG SIM card).
    And they don't traffic shape/throttle your download speeds at all unlike most other ISPs (I regularly transfer over 500GB a month with no problems) Line rental is still with BT.…jsp
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