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Found 13th Mar 2018
I’m currently on sky bog standard and it’s always been really slow despite them insisting I’m getting 26 mbps which I’ve never been close to, the highest being 13 mbps. The last few weeks it’s a struggle to get a single bar of connection while being 10 foot away in the living room with the router being in the entrance hall.

Now I’m a pretty avid gamer so this speed and the connection issues are a pain in the arse. Can people recommend a different provider or even some tips on what to do with this crap? I think I read that sky and a few others reduced speeds to get customers to upgrade to fibre but I could have imagined that.

So any help is much appreciated boys and girls
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I think 26 is impossible with standard broadband. 24 is the theoretical maximum I always though and even that isn't quoted because no one is ever going to get it, they usually say up to 16.
Used to be with sky always had internet problems been with virgin for ages no problems and fast service
How people actually put up with this dopes is beyond me .i had 100 mb broadband 10 years ago
I've been with BT Fibre Unlimited for about a month now after being with Sky for the previous 3 years. So far all good, constant 50-55mb download, no dropped connections etc.
A lot of things will depend on where you live. Not everyone has access to 100mb speeds, it has only been the last few years since I've moved that I've been able to get speeds over 4mb. Many rural locations still don't have access to decent speeds. Have a look on sites such as Uswitch, Broadband Choices etc and see what is available in your area
Hi, you mention "a single bar of connection" which suggests to me you might be having a wifi issue rather than your actual connection speed, does that sound fair? If so Is there any way you can get a wired connection to the router instead - even if just to test to rule that in or out? Either directly via ethernet cable or using homeplugs etc...
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