Broadband speed

    I think someone posted about a site where you can see how fast your broadband is? I can't seem to find this anymore. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Thanks.


    [url][/url] !

    Loads of places!!!


    Then google "broadband speed test" and run some of the others to see if the results are similar.

    There is no real on-line speed test, this is almost impossible to give a real figure because of the variety of connections between you and the test server.
    fraid all else is usually wishful thinking, and some of the 'test' servers have only 4mb connections themselves
    If you wish to know the speed you connect to the local exchange is your router will probably have a status page

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    Thanks very much for all the posts - great stuff.

    Or try downloading a large file from a decent server. That should give you accurate results.

    Wish my speed was the same all the time. I am a victim of Traffic Shaping with Virgin Media
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