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Found 8th May
I renewed my contract with talk talk last month and kept the same package however I've noticed since renewing the speeds have decreased dramatically. It now struggls to open a web page when Netflix is being streamed which is completely ridiculous.
I'm trying to get into live chat to complain but it's that slow that the page won't actually load.
(Ive posted this off my phone using mobile data).
Personally I believe they have reduced the speeds intentionally bc we are loyal returning customers.
Are there any tests I can do before either get into them to prove that the speeds I'm getting aren't what I signed up for
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Have you tried turning the router off and back on again to see if that helps.

they wouldn’t slow you down to where you cannot use it, talk talk are rubbish so I would suggest you change.
Do a speed test. Talk talk where ok for me was on 17mb now I’m on BT infinity 4 at 300mps
If your speed is slower than expected
Should you find that you're getting a much slower speed than your provider estimated at time of sign up, the Ofcom voluntary Code Of Practice requires the provider to work with you and give advice to increase your speed.

If your speed cannot be improved, then an Ofcom voluntary Code Of Practice provider should give you the offer of paying a lower monthly bill, equivalent to the cost of a slower product, should one be available, or give you the option of leaving your contract early and without penalties. In June 2015, Ofcom strengthened the voluntary Code Of Practice so that customers can now leave contracts performing significantly under their initial estimate at any point during their contract, not just in the first 3 months.

Info here
Base data collection prior to contacting TT would be: Reboot router. Login to admin console of router to note line connection speed. Perform individual speedtests on multiple devices that have wired connection to router, when no other device is connected to the router other than the wired device performing the speedtest and with no other functions / webpages open other than the speedtest. Use the speedtest facility stated by TT at…er/ . Optionally perform same tests with similar criteria via wireless device - just for consistency comparison. You now have all the info you need to consider an issue with your equipment or make credible complaint to TT.
Check the state of your phone line by logging into your router to check your dsl sync speeds to find out what speed you are currently connected at and error stats…-it

Use one or two of the many speedtest sites and if you normally connect using wifi, repeat the test after connect via an ethernet cable to determine if your poor speed is due to your wifi connection. If it is an issue with your wifi try setting the router to diffferent channels.
Twice my internet speed dropped. First time I had to replace the master socket and second time I changed the micro filter. If I was you I would ring your ISP and asked them to send you a replacement micro filter.
Take your router and plug it into the master socket, where the line comes into the house. The face plate normally looks like it is 2 halves top and bottom.
Take the top off and the master socket is there.
Now check internet speed. You will be asked to do this anyway so may as well try now. It isolated any extensions from the phone line.
Try a different filter too if no better with first one.
If that helps, then if possible keep the router connected there. Ideally get an ADSL faceplate for the master socket. This means you have no need for filters as it’s built in and the other sockets can take phones directly.
Ideal to do anyway. Then if all is still pants log a call, get away and find someone else to sub too.
Don't use microfilters just look for a vdsl faceplate that fits your master socket. I swapped both the modem cable and faceplate and bumped up about 10mbits.
I would play up if your connection is degraded though as you shouldn't see a different unless someone has been messing about.
Wow reading these comments sounds more complex than I had hoped.
The speeds is awful though for example it too 5 seconds for this webpage to load and this is the only device connected to WiFi at current
Previously it would have been less.

I've been with talk talk for a while and never had any issues this is the first. Speeds before are fine hence why I renewed with them and kept the same speed.

Using what figures am I looking at? Ive not got round to contacting them yet as I know they'll say "how can you prove the speeds you are getting is not what you are paying us to provide"
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