broadband speed on 2 laptops ???

    Ok me and the lass just did a test @ for broadband speed

    on the same server (dublin) i get 2.86 and my lass gets 14.2 ??

    we did this 3 times and there always about the same, does anyone have an answer for this lol


    Do you mean at the same address over wifi ?

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    yes, were sitting in the same room and did the test, i started mine then she did hers...

    she got around 12meg and i got a crap 2.80 meg


    Your laptop specs (including wi-fi cards) would be good to know, as well as Operating systems used.

    Can you try plugging into the router and see what you get ?

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    Mine is the LG X110
    and my lass's is the HP Compaq A935EM

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    Can you try plugging into the router and see what you get ?

    ill try that

    BTW, speed test sites are pointless. The best test you can ever do is to download something hosted on your ISPs website...

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    still happening


    This is a better site for testing speeds etc.


    still happening

    What were you trying to download from your ISP's homepage and I'll try from here?
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