broadband speed test - find out what your neighbours speeds are- actually working now!

Found 20th Oct 2009
Speed Test

o Test your broadband speed in seconds
o See your neighbours' speeds with Broadband StreetStats
o Find out the fastest broadband provider in your area!
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It's very rude it just laughed.
Results seem quite different from Speedtest:


And on your link

7.8 up 1.2 down.
59.3 download ??? I don't think so :w00t:
5.4 on a 24 line...not good
lol i think its a bit out and then sugests a better provider ie. one that sponsors it
The speed test didnt work..

nothing on this site works..
Wouldn't believe the figures given by any speedtest site, best way to test your download speed is to open several downloads from a site like microsoft and combine the total figures.
Very strange, i said i was with Be, which i am and got 1.2 down, changed it to 02 and it said 2.4

I regularly download stuff, as Paddy_o_furniture stated, at 900kB/s, which, by my reckoning, is 7.2mb
I dont think its too wrong
Download Speed : 23mb
Upload Speed : 0.9mb

My router stats:
DownStream Connection Speed 15439 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 1304 kbps

Seems quite accurate no?
I don't get a great spead anyway lol
Site gave 6.5Mbps. I get nearly 6MBps! (on 50Mbps VM)

Upload was corret at 1.5Mbps
i have a 5.5meg connection and its showing only 0.7:?
5.5 meg - correct but "See your neighbours' speeds with Broadband StreetStats"
- I have no neighbours!
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