Broadband through a Satelitte dish.

Found 31st Jul 2009
My father has just moved back over to Scotland up in a tiny village called Scourie in the very north west of Scotland. He had ordered BT broadband and they sent everything out, the modem, filters the lot, even the standing order was set up.

Bt have came back to him today to tell him that the exchange is currently full up and they have no plans to upgrade it just for him.

his only option appears to be Broadband through a satelitte dish. Who is the best ISP out there money wise for this service?

Or is there someone he can contact in order for his exchange to be upgraded. With the government wanting those in rural areas to get broadband, surely this is a good case?

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why dont you get mobile broadband?
Broadband through the satellite dish is slow and expensive. Would defo try and get the bt sorted out before resorting to the dish route.

why dont you get mobile broadband?

I doubt he'll get coverage there
I did it years ago before broadband using a old Sky dish, uploads were via phone line and dowloads via satellite, i guess thats still how it works so a phone line is still needed.
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