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Found 22nd Jun 2006
Hi Im looking for the best deal for broadband if anyone can help... atm im with btyahoo paying £26:99 but ive seen some offers with free calls? (is this right) using the adsl? your help greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried [url]uswitch.com?[/url]

I am currently with Wandadoo (17.99 per month, with 2Gb monthly limit), but am thinking about changing.

Uswitch also gives you the best deals on gas, electric, phone, etc - I have switched gas and electric twice with them.

have a look at adsl4less.com. I'm with them on unlimited package at £14.99 / month. Only a one month rolling contract. No probs in two years with them.

512k though - bit crap if you like downloading or gaming.

Same package for 1MB is £24.99 !

are you in a telewest area? If so check their deals out I was with eclipse internet before telewest and had no problems with them.

Sign up to NTL broadband through QuidCo for £27.50p in cashback if you have cable?

4Mb Broadband Internet
(Only £12.49 pm for your first 3 months when you take a phone line) £24.99 per month* Add to Basket
More Info

10Mb Broadband Internet
(Only £17.49 pm for your first 3 months when you take a phone line) £34.99 per month* Add to Basket
More Info

30 day money back guarantee


free 8mb broadband. i hope its good - i'm joining next month!

TalkTalk is only good for emails/browsing. Otherwise it is rubbish, so if you want good broadband service, take you money elsewhere.

Tiscali 1MB is £12.99 until 30 June.

Thanks Quaver. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first post!

Of course, your mileage may vary, but I am an IT Manager by profession so hopefully I know what I am doing - then again......

I have been with Plusnet for about 3 years now, as is my Mum, most people who know me and anyone who works for the same 11,000 person UK company as me (for various regulatory reasons, if someone asks the IT Helpdesk to recommend an ISP, they can't - but they do know about a useful web site - more on that later.....) and I haven't heard any complaints.

It depends what you are after. If you are a really big online gamer, you need a premium product from someone like Zen.

If you just have average browsing requirements, then Plusnet have what they call a "Pay as You go" account. For £14.99 per month (this price is not just an introductory offer like the others) you get:

- 2GB of data transfer a month (but your usage is not counted between 12 midnight and 8am
- up to an 8MB connection (MaxDSL)
- unlimited email addresses
- Webspace - so you can do your own web page etc
- 120 mins of telephone calls per month to UK landlines evenings and weekends
- USB ADSL modem is included - so you don't have to buy any hardware

Now to that web page: I have put something together that shows simple steps you should take in order to get Broadband. It is no thing of beauty, but even my Mum can follow it.......

Even if you already have broadband, there are some good tips at the end on what FREE anti virus, Firewall and anti spyware software you should download and use.


Chuf your original post was before the launch of BT Total Broadband which you can change to from BT Yahoo

It now includes free voip calls and free openzone minutes every month so may be worth looking at what you can change to with BT

I've got 8mb with plusnet @£14-99 a month on monthly contract. You can get a free modem and connection too. There's unlimited downloads and a fair usuage policy. Been with for a while now and it's ace. Customer support is good too...

creamola, Thanks for a very interesting post. Very helpful. :thumbsup:

Find the latest broadband news and service provider information, views and comments from users in the message forums.


I called up orange/ wanadoo to cancel and they lowered the price to £7.50 a month........

Have a look at Sky Broadband: ]sky.com

You can get broadband for free so long as you subscribe to a TV package (Starts @ £15). You also get a free dish/receiver/modem into the bargain!

Various options are available, connection charge applies to some broadband packages.
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