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Found 31st Jul 2010
weve got about 8 months left on our contract but we live out in the sticks so our broadband is .5 meg!! weve just found out that bt and sky are quicker ( they wernt at the time we checked), is there anyway of getting out of a contract without having to pay? cheers jo


Not unless Orange are in breach of contract somehow. And having a slow connection isn't a breach. The only way out would be to pay off the remaining months. . .

I can't see BT being any faster ? Orange use the BT infrastructure.


.I can't see BT being any faster ? Orange use the BT infrastructure.

Ditto Sky unless I'm mistaken (usually am).

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thats what we thought but everyone else with sky or bt are getting 2.5 whereas we only get .5 ! will try moaning at orange and see if it gets us anywhere~! thanks x

Can you get cable? will tell you everything

Unfortunately I suspect you should of left Orange within the 1st 2weeks/1st month when you saw those speeds in order to exist your contract, I suspect... (someone feel free to correct me).

I would suggest

Call Orange put a complaint in that the service is not fit for purpose, they'll basically ignore it but get a reference number for the complaint.

Find Orange CEO on here:…tml

And email him specifying the complaint reference and your problem and that you would appreciate being let out of your contract.

Might, might not work, but least leaving Orange will give you options, knowing what exchange are you on would help knowing what options you do have.

It's your line into your home or the internal wires in your house that is the problem here. Orange will give same speed as BT.
What make router do you have?
Look at getting line stats.
I would like to bet you have a fair bit of noise on your line.

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thanks guys, they did give the same speed to start but seems to have ground to a halt when eveyone else has got better, were a long way from the exchange which the engineer says is the problem, and we have an orange live box

Don't sign up to any ISP for more than a 30 day contract, you can then move if you are not happy.
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