Broadband without line rental?

Found 25th Jan 2013
Morning. My Sky deal is soon to end (12 months free line rental) so i am looking around for a new deal. I use broadband but don't have a phone attached to the line (although sky gave me a phone number).

My question is whether, because I don't use a phone, there are any deals out there which are just broadband and no line rental? It seems crazy that I pay nearly twice as much in line rental for a phone I don't even use!!

I need unlimited usage but I don't live in a fibre are so normally get around 6mb. What options do I have?
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you need line rental as the broadband uses the phone line. sorry but you cant get broadband without it. obviously you dont have to have phone packages but sometimes it works out cheaper with it. hope you find a good deal.
Crazy isn't it?! I figured that would be the case but its so frustrating. Another tax I suppose!!
Virgin do Broadband without line rental.
You could always go with virgin, no need to take phone line but the price is only slightly cheaper unless you take TV

Virgin do Broadband without line rental.

Yes..... But the bump the price up to the extent you're paying for the phone but without being able to receive calls.
Do you have a mobile with unlimited data? If so tether it to your's what I do, good speed for general internet surfing and you only have your mobile phone bill to pay line rental no broadband package :-)
Last month I used 32GB data and didn't cost me a penny extra other than my normal tariff (£34)
(assuming you have a decent mobile)
go mobile with a Mi-Fi network, about £30 on hardware to get set up then £15-20 a month depending what network/plan you choose
Craigwhitlow - unfortunately I'm on O2 so only get 500mb. Not sure O2 even offer unlimited. I also have a ps3, ipad, htpc etc so I don't know how this would work with tethering.

DarkEnergy - never heard of MiFi but it doesn't sound much cheaper. How does it work?

I might look into virgin just because my sky tv package is ending too but I usually find Virgin really expensive and always an 18 month contract.

Next question is I used to have O2 broadband and pay line rental directly to BT. O2 have a pretty good deal available but would I still have to set up line rental through bt?

Virgin do Broadband without line rental.

but they up the price of BB only making it barely any cheaper
I'm looking to move line rental from BT and have broadband with sky. when I spoke to Sky customer services about leaving they offered me £2.50 per month line rental and £7.50 unlimited broadband for 12mths. It's worth speaking to retentions department who will always try and offer you a deal to get you to stay with them. Good luck!
Tell sky you're leaving then...they will offer you a package worth thinking about...they offered me free bb for 12 months and half price line rental for 6 months
Primus have some good deals
Let Sky charge you the first couple of months, and ring them up to cancel, they will most likely offer you line rental for free again, they have done for me.
I'm in the exact same boat!

I'm with Sky at the mo and did have free line rental (never use phone) but it has now expired so phoned up last night to see if they could do something and got through to some numpty who asked 6 security questions, then refused to do anything!

Got that pi**ed off told to her to cancel everything! TV, phone & broadband. (I'm normally a very easy person, but she totally wound me up!).

She even refused to release my MAC code! Advising that it was linked to my telephone number, which I said is total rubbish as its for the broadband only! Think I went through to the indian call centre rather than Glasgow which would explain it as whenever I have phoned before I have got really good customer service.

I'm looking into the mobile broadband idea with Three, device is about £50 off ebay and then just a monthly cost of £18 for all you can eat data.

I have a mobile data scheme with three already in my ipad and using that as a tethering device I get about 10meg compared to the 2meg from my broadband....

Do you have a mobile with unlimited data? If so tether it to your … Do you have a mobile with unlimited data? If so tether it to your's what I do, good speed for general internet surfing and you only have your mobile phone bill to pay line rental no broadband package :-)

Same here and its faster than i had from sky.
hi gbspurs, not to be offensive, but please don't pay attention to some peoples comments like buzyxbee who say that you will require a landlines to use the internet, many of them don't understand that were in the 21st century and theres more ways to connect to the internet, you don't always need a telephone line to have broadband, there are a few other methods of broadband without a telephone line.

1. Virgin Media
Virgin Media provides a fiber-optic cable service without the need of a telephone line, they have two methods, 1 is fiber-optic through a telephone line into a regular router, or 2 a hard cable line which is feed through the property into a super hub router., the trouble is, if the cable broadband is not available, you will only be able to put with the telephone line version, in which case you have to pay a line rental.

2. 3G Broadband.
This service is limited, I have the same thing in place for my holiday home on the isle of sheppey in kent, as we are not allowed to have telephone lines or anything that requires planning permission, I suggest a TL-MR3220 V2 Router with a 3G E3231 modem, Three has plenty of bargain packages, but not ideal for heavy usage as the limit is 15GB data allowance maximum when it comes to Three UK sim only broadband plans, Also the E3231 Modem is not compatible with many VOIP systems in case you want a internet telephone box like PAP2T system that many use for sipgate, if you want one of theses on your 3G WIFI System, then you will require the 3G E353 modem which is just as fast as the E3231, don't know why, but for some reason the E3231 modems blocks the VOIP services like sipgate, but it doesn't effect skype for some reason.

3. 2 WAY Satellite broadband
Fitting a dish on the side of the property to gain internet access through a satellite dish can be either cheap or pricey depending on setup, if you fit it up yourself, you save yourself money on the labour cost, however, finding an affordable ISP is the tricky part, there are some good cheap ones who charge £10 for something like 5GB of data, then you have the expensive ones that charge like £30 for 20GB data allowance, if your looking at unlimited broadband, there are few that charge £50-£60 a month, many of them only have 1 month contract, so you can cancel any time you like.

4. Long Range Wi-Fi.
Ok, now this one is very complicated if you wish for this kind of service, if you live in the country side, or high on a mounting you can get Free or Hook on to a Access Point wi-fi internet and use it, you will require a high power Long-Range Antenna which compatible with most 2.4ghz Access point router in which you can share in your home, you have the long range router facing directly at the nearest coffee shop or free internet cafe which can be up between 1-10Km away from your home and bouncing it back and sharing it wirelessly in your home, I have see it on youtube being done and it's a system which I will give a try soon to put in my holiday home to replace my 3G Router, the cost of equipment can cost between £80- £200 whether you fit that up yourself or pay someone to do it is totally up to you.

5. Tethering 3G/4G cell/mobile phone
This option is not recommended, you can always turn a android phone or iphone 4+ into a private short-range mi-fi hotspot or connecting it up by USB, this will drown your data allowance in which your mobile/cellphone provider provides to you unless you have a unlimited supply of it which you won't be over charged for, Three UK offers a "All You Can Eat" data plan for mobile phones which comes close to a unlimited package.

I hope theses are useful information, there might be a few PC technicians with this kind of experience may be able help set something like this up for you for a cost.

Good Luck.

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Do you have a mobile with unlimited data? If so tether it to your … Do you have a mobile with unlimited data? If so tether it to your's what I do, good speed for general internet surfing and you only have your mobile phone bill to pay line rental no broadband package :-)

Hi, Just read your comment with interest. I am with plusnet, and they stiff me every month when I go over my data allowance. I have unlimited data on my mobile with thrre, and wonder how I would tether that to my laptop.


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