Broadband/home phone advice please!

    I'm hoping that some of you savvy-deal-finders can help me find a great price for my home broadband and phone, as my eyes glaze over within about 5 minutes of trying to research this!!

    Unfortunately I'm in an area that most broadband providers don't cover, so am often left with the "access" package (have checked Sky and O2 on this and they both come up with an access package); so I don't think I can take advantage of many of the great deals that are posted here.

    Basically, I just want one fixed monthly bill for my broadband and telephone calls. I'm currently with Virgin for broadband and BT for phone.

    I'm not a heavy user, don't download movies or anything like that, although do use the internet a lot at home in the evenings and weekends.

    Any advice would be gratefully received and repped!

    Thanks guys and gals! :-)


    Have you got SKY?

    If not it is nearly always cheaper to get SKY and get the broadband for free with them than any others.

    If they say broadband will cost you £17 a month I can advise you on how you can get it for free.


    Probably a good idea to check who's available in your area you can check here ]http//ww…ity

    Otherwise you might be best to try and blag the best deal from either Virgin or BT. Ring them up see what they can offer you, Just remember to state that your thinking of leaving them, I managed to bag an excellent deal off BT last year.

    Not sure if I'm any help, but we pay £25 a month for phone, broadband and TV with Virgin. We've never used the phone but I think you get free unlimited calls after 6pm and at weekends. Worth a look!

    Original Poster

    Yes I've got Sky. I checked the Sky website and they were quoting me the £17pm access package for broadband :-( I'd be very interested to hear how I can get it for free!! :-D

    Forgot to say that I hardly use my landline at all, so very light useage there, and mainly evening or weekend calls, no international numbers, etc.

    Thanks for the tip about the availability checker shauneco! :-)

    SKY offer is £18 for SKY with free evening and weekend calls and free broadband.

    You can have the landline with them at around £10 which makes everything for £28.

    My brother did this and worked a treat.

    Ring and order it they will do the SKY package first then transfer you to the phone or broadband.

    Set up Sky find a code online that will give you SKY+ FREE BOX and FREE SETUP.

    Then when they put you through and say you have to pay £17 for the broadband as SKY do not do your area say that you had seen the deal and it did not say that. If they say "sorry but you have to pay the extra £17 a month" say please put me back to first department as I want to cancel.

    They will then put you through to a special "DONT CANCEL PLEASE DEPARTMENT" where they will agree to give it you for 12 months for FREE!.


    Original Poster

    Lol...thanks, will def try that!! :thumbsup:


    Probably a good idea to check who's available in your area you can check … Probably a good idea to check who's available in your area you can check here ]

    Please don't post that link without explaining what it means, it's far too easy for people to misinterpret it.

    Basically the two BT Wholesale entries are for the standard ADSL broadband capability and cover the vast majority of ISPs. The others are people who run their own partial networks (or full network in the case of Virgin Cable) and they may offer faster speeds or lower prices, possibly alongside normal ADSL packages (like the access ones for O2 and Sky).

    I doubt you'll get Sky broadband free if you can't get their LLU services.

    Are you on Virgin Cable or Virgin ADSL? If it's the former you might get a good deal from them if you use little enough to avoid their ridiculous speed cuts.

    Apart from that someone like ]Post Office Broadband is probably your best bet. The standard one is £21 a month for 5GB usage which isn't that much but probably enough if you don't watch much video or download large files. It does only come with a modem though so it's not wireless and only attaches to one computer so you'd have to spend an extra £20 or so to buy a wifi router if you needed one.
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