Broadband/phone line woes

    Hey peeps,

    Does anybody know how much it costs to cancel phone line rental with BT? I've just moved into a house share and we have a 6 month minimum tenancy and we have no phone line or internet. We have no idea how long we will be living here and phone lines/broadband contracts are all pretty much 12 months. We're wondering what the best thing to do is regarding setting up broadband knowing that we may have to cancel up to half a year before the contract is up... Any words of advice would be appreciated.



    Does the property have a phone line already? Does it have dial tone if so?


    well you'll have to pay off what you have left on the 12 month contact but it doesn't say if there is an extra fee on top... It must be in there T&C's. I'd have thought they would let you move the service to another property though.

    Another option could be for a individual - looking perhaps at the mobile internet with a O2 3G dongle for £10 and go on the £15 a 1 month 3gb deal and then use a mobile phone on simplicity as a phone until you know where you'll be.

    Also you could ask the Landlord to install the service and have it charged onto your rent...

    or just ask bt what the terms are if you move house before end of contract im sure ive done it before and they have just moved the contract to new address and renewed it

    If you have a dial tone, I believe the PO can offer you month to month contract on line rental as do many ADSL providers

    if you cancel with bt they charge you £11 per remaining month

    ADSL won't be a problem, there are many ISPs offering one month contracts including some very highly rated ones such as Zen and IDNet.
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