Broadoak Pear Cider - Where can I get my hands on some???

    Please please please could anyone tell me where I can buy Broadoak pear cider from?? I tried this on my hols in Torquay and it is the best pear cider that I have ever come across and believe me I've tried them all!!! It's absolutely gorgeous but now I've come back home there's none anywhere........
    P.s I live in York


    I dont know, but have you tried Aspinall Organic Cider? Its V Posh. I have not drunk cider since i was a teen. I enjoy fine wine, but this cider is delicious, you can get it in most supermarkets.

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    No I've never tried that. I don't normally drink cider myself and never did in my teens either. I'll give that one a bash though - the more the merrier!…set

    Try a look at this- contact details for the producer who sell it direct!!!


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    Thanks for that Karaokecolin but they don't sell it over the internet because I have already rang that number and was told that sell it but even they don't have it on their site. Going to ring them tomorrow. Thanks for that

    It's all over Shropshire, hope you get some. Smooth and Tasty, better than some apple ciders, Regards, TheManFromWem

    Broadoak WILL buy your property - great now I have the most annoying advert in my head
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