Broke foot badly playing rugby on boxing day

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Found 27th Dec 2008
Need to keep mind active and sane , cant play on Wii or Playstation all day long,any suggestions (no my wrist is'nt that strong ) fed up already 6-9 weeks to go !!!

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:oops: wrist action.... tmi LOL

Learn to knit... you could knit a big sock

Sorry to hear Brixboy, just wishing you a speedy recovery. :thumbsup:

upper body weight lifting

Read a book?
re-organise something?

Do you play for a club?


Do you play for a club?

By the looks of his avatar, he play's for brixham in devon

ahhh see you should have been Boxing not playing football on BOXING DAY!

Start up an internet business. (serious)

spend all day on here (serious)

Take up internet gambling. Don't blame me if you bankrupt yourself though, I accept no liability.

Original Poster

Correct , Brixham it is , however i coach in the youth section , broken foot is my fellow coach who does not use the internet , ideas are for him sorry to mislead .

How's your friend getting on brixboy?
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