Broke my Sony Ericsson

    I have a Sony Ericsson w300i, i dropped it a few weeks ago and it broke the battery life dident last long after that
    and it broke again last night, kept turning off and giving me the option for phone mode or file transfer mode when my wire was not even plugged into my phone
    Also when i plug my charger in it sometimes dosent work
    are these problems fixable or wil it be cheaper getting a new phone
    if so does any one know where i could get the same model cheap as i like this modelof phone



    ebay i would imagine

    Original Poster

    Im abit weary about using ebay, there loads of scammers out there, id end up with just the box for one lol

    Had a problem with our K300i, what I did was surf the web for the software, then backed up and then downloaded the firmware via Far manager using my PC, fixed it from not booting up properly.



    Theres a whole section on the forum there about flashing sony ericssons, you should try doing that before you sell. Did it with my k750i a while back and it fixed it.
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