Broke wire on pc power on switch, is my case a goner?

    Got a new fan to replace the stock heatsink to reduce temperature and make it quieter.

    Had to take entire mobo out to place fan on as its so huge, and put it back but left hard drives and dvd drives disconnected just to test it, it worked first time and was amazingly quiet. Reconnected everything and got no power, removed graphics card as its massive and so blocks access to the power pins on the mobo and noticed the power wire came loose so reconnected it.

    After trying for about 15 minutes I noticed the postive and negative wire looked a bit higher than it should be so tried popping it back into place but used too much force and cut the wire off.

    So I still have the wire its just cut, so is there a way I can just thread it into the metal clip that goes into the pins on the mobo?

    I have heard you can use those blue jumpers to send a pulse to pc when power cale is attached.,

    I do have a spare brand new case I can use that I got a few days ago that I intended for an old Pentium 4 of mine, problem is it has a weird layout and it took me about 2 hours to get almost everything in, but as the power supply goes at the bottom of the case and not the back, I cant get my graphics card in(but now have everything else in)

    So thats out of the picture.


    Can't you replace the power switch and wires from the other case? Perhaps improvise a little?

    Yeah, they're only wires with no special signalling required AFAIK.

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    Yeah I knew the wiring was the same just wasnt sure about the actual buton, as wasnt sure if its the same size etc.

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    Ok tried putting a jumper onto the board and when power is turned on it gets a second of power and turns off.

    Any ideas?

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    So no one has any ideas at all?

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    One final bump.
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