Broken Boots.

I bought some boots from Barretts a few weeks ago in there sale, they were reduced from £80 down to £50, i have a real problem with buying boots as i have small calves but these were perfrect they fit like a glove, anyway i wore them for the first time last night and half way through my evening the zip split from the bottom. Now my problem is i cant find the receipt and i know they no longer have any in the store or the internet and they also got reduced further in the sale. Can i take these back as i have worn then without a receipt? Is there anyway i can ask them to get the zip fixed?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. xx


How did you pay?

If by cheque/debit or credit card then you have a receipt ie your statement.

Regardless of that,take the boots back to the shop,they will not be showing much sign of wear as they have just been worn once and they are quite clearly faulty.
Be purposeful but polite and I'm sure they will sort things for you.

Good Luck:)


if you are wanting a refund without a receipt the most you will get, if at all with no receipt, will be the lowest they sold for

What rights do I have if I buy faulty goods?The goods must be:

must be of 'satisfactory quality'. The goods must be free from defects except when they have been brought to your attention
must be 'fit for their purpose'. The product must be able to do what it was sold to do. The product must also be able to do anything the seller says it will do.
must be 'as described' on the package or display sign. If you buy a food product with a label stating that it is 100% fat free, then that is what you should get.
If the goods do not meet these standards you are entitled to reject them and get your money back, if the goods are returned within a "reasonable" period (normally a few weeks). You do not have to accept a repair, a credit note or replacement (although you may want to consider this if you've had the goods for some time).

You also have the right to require the seller to repair or replace the goods within a reasonable time and without causing you significant inconvenience. If this would be impossible or disproportionate (eg. the cost of a repair would be more than you paid for the item), or the retailer does not repair or replace without inconvenience within a reasonable period you can require them to reduce the price of the goods by an appropriate amount or rescind the contract.

Some retailers may argue that any fault is a result of you damaging the goods in which case you would need to prove that this is not the case, perhaps by obtaining an independent expert opinion. Ultimately you might have to prove your case in Court. If you had to pay for an expert opinion you can claim the cost of this as well as the refund.

Do I need a receipt to get a refund?
Basically, the answer is no but you will need another proof of purchase. This could be a bank statement indicating the purchase, credit card counterfoil or even a witness who saw you make the purchase. A receipt however is obviously the best proof of purchase you can get so look after it until you are sure that the goods are okay.

I have lost my receipt. What can I do?

Under the Sale of Goods Act you require proof of purchase, and this is probably a receipt. There are however other methods such as a cheque stub or bank statement.

Original Poster

I payed by debit card, i have the tags that show the sale price still as i only removed them yesterday, im so annoyed they really are lovely boots. What i would really like them to do is get them fixed but i dont think company's do that do they?

Im not really after a refund as either way i still need some boots.

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The only problem with my bank statement is that at the same time i also bought two other pairs of boots and a pair of shoes so the amount shows much higher.
I will try taking them back tomorrow and see how i get on.
Thanks everyone.xx

Maybe you should get a head office number give them a call and explain if you get them fixed the zip will they foot the bill. Just a thought so you get to keep something you wanted.

As long as you have the statement no matter the amount is shows they can check your purchase. Without the receipt you will only get the value they are on offer for at this moment, no matter what you paid for them.
Personally I would take them to a boot repairers and get a new zip put in. As you like them so much it is not worth getting the money back if you cannot replace them.

Yes they do pay for repairs, I have a zip that broke, all I had to do was get a quote for the repair and they paid

You can get them repaired at any usual shoe repair shop, they normally have to send them away but they can repair zips on boots.

Original Poster

Fantastic, i have tryed ringing my local store and a head office number that i found and both just rang off.

Thanks to everyone for there advice and help. Will find out tomorrow when i take them into the store.

And a big welcome to [email protected] xx

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I went into Barratts today and after persevering with the manager he finally agreed to allow me to go and get the boots repaired and he refunded me the £20 that it cost.

Thanks again to everyone.

This good to hear.

No receipt, no refund.
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