Broken Camera! help me!!!

    i just broke the screen on the camera the bit where you view it. does anyone know where to get them fixed and how much about it costs? i've ony just got this for xmas!!


    What make a and model is it.

    Do you mean the viewfinder (small window at the top) or the preview screen at the back of the camera.

    Have you checked to see if your house contents insurance covers it

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    erm not sure i think its a fujitsu or something like that its the preview screen, it looks like the lcd bit is smashed inside, any ideas? thanks

    Take / send it back & say it was broken when you opened it.:thumbsup::whistling:

    No idea of the cost of repair.
    Have you looked on eBay to see if there are any replacement screen for your camera ?

    say it was broken when you opened it mate, shop wont say nothing


    say it was broken when you opened it mate, shop wont say nothing

    unless the shop assistant is a UKHD member!

    was it bought with a VISA card????? I know there is cover for theft on an item i think it may be extended to damage with in a certain amount of time. hope this helps
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