Broken digicam

Found 13th Mar 2008
What can I do with a broken digicam? I dropped it and its just not turning on anymore. Is there anywhere i can go to take it to get fixed as I really liked this one and I don't want to get another, plus I think there are still photos stored on its internal memory
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wow, it must be really old to have internal memory ?
If its just the photos on it you need, you can try turning it on and see if the usb detects it...
otherwise, depends how old it is.... it will probably cost u more repairing then buying a new sony digicam
could wack it through your home insurance if covered for accidental (old for new on many policies).
try plugging in usb then inserting fully charged batteries.
if still not working try pressing on lens. sounds totally mad I know, but it worked for me when me daughter dropped my camera.
hope it works for you.
Yeah its about 3 years old its a HP digital camera. I dont have it insured or anything though, I'm actually probably better just buying a new one as this one just ate all the batteries like there was no tomorrow. It did have a slot for external memory aswell but I never used that as the internal memory was enough. Ive tried putting new batteries in it, and plugging it in, just a blank screen. It has a slidey thing and when it dropped its the slidey thing thats broken
bin it and buy a new one, too expensive to fix
shame about lost pics though! take it in to a camera shop maybe they will have some ideas? you never know, its worth a try.
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