Broken DS - Any Ideas?

    My son's DS which is about 2 and a half years old, has gone wrong. When you put a game card in and switch it on, it doesn't recognise that there is a game inserted. It just says 'there is no game inserted'
    It has been doing this for a while, but by switching it on and off a few times it would eventually play the game inserted. This trick does no longer work, and would love to hear if anyone has any other ideas!!!


    if everything else is working, then it means the fault is either the ds or the cartridge.
    im guessing you have already tried another game?
    have you tried the usual "blowing at the slot-thing" technique?
    at 2 and a half years, i think the metal in the slot starts to rust or something.

    (just my guess)

    Sounds like the Slot 1 needs replaced, cheap as chips for a replacement part but a total pain in the ass to do.

    probably one or more of the contacts in the cart slot has been bent

    is a cheap fix, but only if you know what your doing. either sell as is to someone who can, or pay someone to fix it


    ebay it for around £35-40

    buy a new version.....dsi...XL etc
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