Broken DS LiteDS Fat

    I swapped my bnib ds lite for a broken ds thats a few months old plus cash. My lifts granddaughter had broken hers and he wanted to replace it quickly and she is only 8. When the charger is plugged in the light goes on then off straight away and doesnt stay on. Can this be fixed or should I sell it for spares? I gather there is no way to claim off the warranty when its been dropped!

    Also a fellow freecyclers daughters fat ds has been dropped twice. Think casing broke first time and second time the top screen broke (Sorry bit vgue on details as all done via email and we both have young kids!). Can this be repaired? I have got her a casing and screwdrivers from hotukdeals but what else would I need to order?

    Sorry I am asking both on one thread but thought might help in coming to decison about her best course of action for the ds fat.....

    She does have games below and I suggested she may be able to sell broken ds fat and someall of her games and get a ds lite and I can then get a r4cartridge or similar sorted out for her - where can I get prices for these games, and is Game the only place that trades them in - just so I can see which branches are up here and see if their web sites list prices so I can try and help her get maximum cash for these?

    lego star wars
    Deal nor no deal
    brain asist
    bee movie game
    sonic rush

    hannah montanna
    that's so raven
    little mermaid
    over the hedge
    nintendo dogs

    Any thoughtsadvice appreciated....I told her at worst I have a ds I bought from Choices I could do a swap with and that way her daughter gets a ds as I can live without one for a few months and have one I got in a swap anyway...might even swap it as its pink even though I had it earmarked for my sisters birthday in July....


    Stop swapping!

    Anything can be fixed, the question is whether it is economical to do it or not.

    Reurn it back to the shop, and see what they say about it. Or send it to Nintendo. have an online price list that they pay for games, also try the completed listings on Ebay for prices.

    Before you do anything too drastic - try plugging it in in a different outlet to charge it. I had this problem a week ago with mine and was about to give up on it when I found someone saying on the web they had tried it. The socket I was using was perfectly fine and the one I usually use and other things charge fine off it but for some reason it wouldn't charge my ds. Plugged it in over the other side of the room and it charges fine. Worth a try.


    Original Poster

    Yeah i should stop swapping but when people tell me that their kids\grandkids ds is knackered and they have heaps of games they cant play anymore...well am a sucker for helping people out when I can, especially kids. Thats the easiest way to get something cheap off me - just mention its a kids savings and they are buying it themselves, or its a present for a kid...have to stop though, but have promised this person so never go back on my word if I can help it! Will have a look on cex later and get prices, and stop reading freecycle wanted ads! Maybe I should cut down my pc time and start playing my video games more!
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