Broken Freezer

Found 3rd Apr 2007
Whirlpool Freezer (5months old) has broken.

Repairman due to come today to fix it but.....

Food inside is ruined - Do I claim from the supplier or the manufacturer?



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Neither as far as im aware, if you want to do it, it would probably have to be on your home insurance, but you would have to find out if perishable foods are covered.
We claimed on our house insurance when our freezer broke whilst we were on holiday- I'm sure if you speak to your policy supplier they'll clarify for you
You'll sometimes find that as part of an extended warranty you may have (some) cover for the contents which you don't tend to get on the standard 12 month guarantees....varies from supplier to supplier.
You may find that the excess on making a claim against your household insurance means anything you get back could be minimal & could affect next year's premiums but it sounds like Juliet Bravo would have the inside track on that one?!?!!

Whirlpool contact details...check what cover, if any they offer as the 12 month guarantees...while usually dealt with by the retailers they are actually their obligation.…tom
What charlie says^^^^^

Check the warranty details with both the manufacturer and the retailer first,food contents are sometimes included(used to be the case when I worked for the electricity board back in the day)

The food is often covered in your home contents,but it may not be worth your while claiming for it.The food that has defrosted,it is usually the meat that is most expensive,can you not cook it rather than throw away......this should save some of it,you can then refrigerate the cooked meat and it should keep for a number of days if properly covered.

Also,if you are making a claim for food you do need to have evidence of what you have lost,do NOT throw it away....a pain I know but insurers like to see the evidence first.Take photos or keep the spoiled food in a binbag etc.
Again check this with who you are claiming from.
Service guy has been and written off the freezer so a new one should be with us next week.

Also told me to contact customer services for a claim form so there's a form on it's way.

Thanks for the advice
Funnily enough, the freezer repair man has just left our house!

We bought a 'Rangemaster' Americian Fridge/Freezer and we have had a catalogue of problems since we got it in November last year.

Firstly, the freezer wouldn't reach the required temperature, it wouldn't make ice, the plinth for the base didn't fit, the motor was overheating........

Anyhow, they replaced it, now the new one works fine apart from the ice won't drop down through the dispenser! You have to open up the freezer door and delve into the back and grab some ice!

So, the repair man has (literally) prised the front control panel off and gone away to order new parts for it.
My Whirlpool fridge had a fire inside once - melted plastic smells horrid. :shock:
They sent an engineer to look at it & the heater element that melts the ice had got jambed. It was nearly 3 years old & they eventually offered me a reconditioned one, which was fine as it was integrated & any marks would be hidden.

I also put a fire claim for it via my insurance company, so only ended up paying the excess;-)
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