Broken HP all in one Printer - Repair or Replace?? Advice Appreciated

    I've got a Hp psc 1205, printer,scanner,copier, I don't use it too often but recently I went to use it and it won't turn on. As I press on, the start up lights give a flicker and then it all went off again?

    Any ideas as to the problem? would it be cost effective to get it repaired or just go out and find a new one? Gutted though as I just bought it 2 new ink cartriges!!!


    jsut buy a new one.i repaired my own lexmark and was preety easy.

    buy a new one

    tescos have hp 1 in store £25 or £29 - if your cartridges arent the right ones - take them back to tescos say you got wrong ones:thumbsup:

    Try reseating (putting them out and in again) all the power cables and usb cables... just in caze

    did it die the once or does it do it every time you turn it on. try the fuse in the plug

    Throw the HP in the bin and buy a Canon or Epson


    Throw the HP in the bin and buy a Canon or Epson

    forget the epson just get a canon

    Original Poster

    yep have tried removing all cables and replacing, and using a different plug point etc. It does it everytime. Ok maybe time for a new Canon then!! Thanks for your help
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