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My iPhone (16GB, 3GS) has died on me, just within its warranty (it won't charge up, so when the battery ran out one day it just failed to charge and so wont turn on). I went into the o2 shop and apparently there's water damage to the charging port. It's never fallen in any water so it must literally have just got wet when it was raining or something...

Anyway, o2 said because its negligence (I find this very harsh) they won't repair or replace it and its £380 for a new one. Anyone know if there's anything I can do, or shall I just sell it for like £100 on ebay for parts?


Apple have recieved, serviced and dispatched me a new one within 5 days of me ringing them. I absolute love them. I have no respect at all for o2 however, those sly *******'s were just looking to make easy money from me! Thanks all for advice, new phone, woooooooo!



spoken to apple ?

Make an appointment at an Apple Store for them to have a look at it. Should be OK if it's still within warranty.

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The guy in the o2 shop said they wouldnt touch it because its my fault its broken..


you got nothing to lose book an appointment with them and they wil tell you for definate

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I live in Blackpool and the nearest one is in Manchester, so I can't really get there

I'll try though!

sorry to hear that. Happened to me with a phone( only a cheap one) was in my pocket of a waterproof coat and the rain must have gone in the pocket. best bet is to try apple direct. good luck bud.


The guy in the o2 shop said they wouldnt touch it because its my fault … The guy in the o2 shop said they wouldnt touch it because its my fault its broken..

Yup - but of course they would, they want to sell you a replacement.
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mobile phone shops(and apple sometimes) are notorious for blaming water damage when no such thing ever happened-stand your ground-make an appointment with an apple genius bar.

this has been covered by watchdog several times-its the "standard lie" phone shops tell you to get out of warranty claims.

iPhones have 4 paper strips in them, 2 on the middle of the phone one at the top near phono socket and one at the bottom where the charger is . Now did O2 open the phone (99.9% sure they didn't as they are sent to Apple) So the only way to tell water damage is top and bottom which nearly all small phone shops can see without any opening. So take it to a small phone repair place ask them to look, if these strips are White then there us no water damage(as they turn red with liquid)
Might cost you a couple of quid but they will tell you, now if they are red the pointless doing anything with O2 or Apple as they won't do anything, if they are white then taking it to Apple is your best bet, as they only gave 10 mins to check your phone over and this only gives them enough time to look at the top and bottom strips, they will them replace your phone with a new one!
Your other option if it's red is pay the shop to repair it, this will void your warranty but your phone will be working if your still wanting to sell then I'll make you a offer lol

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thanks all for advice - would leave rep if I could, lol. I'll let you know how I get on in the next few days!

They have in-built water detection in them. I rang up to get mine replaced (cracked casing on 3gs) they asked what colour the insides the dock connector and headphone jack were.

White = good
Orange / Red = Water damaged

Hope that helps

how did u get on

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Couldn't see the bottom indicator, but top one was white. Sent it off to apple and they are "checking it" now, should hear back tomorrow. Worst case scenario, they will replace it for £150 (a good £300 less than the guy in the o2 shop quoted me!) so every cloud has a silver lining I suppose!

Fingers crossed anyway

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nice one always worth a go.

Good news !!

I've had four iphone 4 replacements in the last 3 weeks.

All had different faults...on the 5th replacement applecare are actually sending me a brand new one in the retail packaging instead of a crappy replacement one in the black box !
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