Broken laptop

    Hi all,

    My main laptop broke and i took it back before the end of my warrenty to pc world. they fixed it, it worked for a while and then it broke again (same problem) so i took it back and it got fixed... and today it now won't work again.

    Where should i go from here? lose my laptop for another week while they leave on a shelf or should i be eligable for a replacement?

    will rep any help.... Thank you



    I would ask for another one, they can't keep fixing it, after so long it will be out of warrenty, and then your stuck when it goes again.

    Trading Standards would deem this as a reoccuring fault. You are well within your rights to ask for a replacement and NOT a fix this time. Contact Consumer Direct and make them aware of the problem and what has been done previously. Then phone the point of sale and say you have spoken to Consumer Direct regarding the fault and that they, which they will, have told you to demand a replacement unit and NOT a repair this time. Clearly the unit is not fit for its purpose and so must be replaced.

    BTW even after warranty runs out a reoccuring fault is still claimable. I had on on a Samsung fridge freezer that had the same fault fixed 5 times over the space of 3 years. Even then i still got a brand spanky new one after the usual channels of court letters, trading standards etc.


    Don't know if they have changed but i got a new pc replacement some years ago from pcw as mine needed repairing twice in 28 days {The 28 day rule}.I had owned the original p.c for 9 months & it already been repaired 4 or 5 times before the two failures that resulted in a new pc.The tech guy's wanted to repair it yet again but i was at the end of my tether so i threw it all in the box & marched down to pc wanting my money back.
    The manageress looked at all my paperwork for my repairs & said "The 28 day rule" I was entitled to a replacement pc of similar spec.They tried to fob me off with a crappy manager's special because mine was discontinued.So again i demanded my money back & when they were deliberating about what to do with me, A potential customer was looking at pc's beside me, I started to talk to him telling him not to buy a pc from pcw because if it breaks you will get the run around off pcw & i told him to buy a dell instead.
    The manageress overheard me talking & give in, to get me out of the shop i think, i got a pc that cost £250 more than i had paid because mine was well spec'd for the time & they have to give you either an equivalent or better spec.
    Go to pcw demanding you're money back & if you're happy with a new replacement pc take it.
    If you stand you're ground you will prevail my friend.I had never done this kind of thing before, I had to get very angry first.Now i just go straight in for the kill.I will never buy another pc from them again, but thanks to there incompetence i take no sh*t from stores anymore,Remember the customer is always right.
    Good luck....
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