Broken mouse

    My damn Microsoft HABU mouse has broken. I brought from OCUK so im not even going to bother sending them an email over this mouse (im still blanching at the last fiasco).

    Anyway the underside of the mouse says "May 2007".

    Am I out of warranty? I cant get any information of microsofts website.

    Many thanks.


    uby a better won and asd stop neing cheapo

    I know that this is a american site but it says 3yr warranty…nts

    When is the date of purchase?

    You have 12months warranty (irrelevant of any manufactures warranty) from the retailer from this date.

    If there is manufactures warranty on this for 3 years, i'm sure Microsoft UK might deal with it, expect to incur some costs though.

    Original Poster

    I brought it last year around a year and a month ago. I cant get any contact details from mircosofts website. when I select teh habu it just directs me to hte homepage
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