Broken my ipod touch 2nd gen???? PLEASE HELP ME

    Ipod does not turn on / charge / sync, its just black / dead screen!!

    Can anyone help? I have done something very stupid and pluged my usb charging/sync lead from my ipod touch into a generic mains usb charger that came with another mp3 player. This plug I have used before to charge other usb charging items with no problems.
    I am guessing I have blown something inside the ipod by using this plug. I thought it would be the same voltage as my other devices but I guess not.
    I wondered if anyone thinks a battery change is worth a try as I hear that there are no internal fuses to access?
    Man im in a bad mood!!!!


    try pluging in to itunes


    hold the home and power button to gether for 20 seconds -might reboot

    good luck

    take to apple for warantee

    Have you held down the home button and power button at the same time ? Also connected to computer via usb lead

    try turning the sound up on the computer and plugging the ipod into the USB port. listen to see if your computer beeps to indicate a USB device connected. if it does it suggests your ipod isn't completely fried. you maybe able to do a DFU restore on it
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