Broken Ps3?

    Ps3 has just turned itself off, beeped and the light flashed red. When i turn it on it goes green, then blue then yellow beeps and flashes red.

    What can i do?


    Think its overheating.

    Either phone up for a fault test.

    There is continuous play if your not under warranty.

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    ok ill have a look on google.

    hard drive frazzled, phone them up.

    Do a search online for 'yellow light of death' (I kid you not). You're not the only one to suffer from this.

    Not sure about the blue light but....

    my ps3 had the same problem - it was the motherboard connections, sony give other europian countires 2 year warrenty - although they give the UK 1 year warrenty - if your console is less than 2 years old then you should be able to get that fixed under warrenty

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    Yeh i looked on the internet but i asked on here just to check. Cheers for your help, will leave rep.

    under UK law if the fault is a design flaw or a problem with manufacture then you get 6 years to make a claim and as long as you can prove it then it's all good.

    this applies to the PS3 and the Xbox360 (and lets face it, it's very easy to prove that faults are known design flaws with both consoles), never go by the *ahem* extended warranties, the 1979 sale of goods act pees on all of them.

    just remember to keep your receipts in a safe place and then return it to where you bought it.
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