Found 21st Apr 2009
I have managed to break my PS3 controller. It works fine except the left joystick, sticks forward & doesn't re-centre when let go. Can this be fixed?


This happened to mine left stick kept moving forward on its own but would not keep in the centre tried to fix it be nooo, it was broken for good and had to buy a new one. good luck though. :thumbsup:

well.... yes and no....

heres what i done.

had one the same as you, so went to gamestation and brought a preowned one, worked fine!

then the next day took the broken one back and they replaced it with a fine preowned one.

so you will have to buy a preowned control but ull basically get 2 for 1 i suppose....

noooo you still brought the other one though

so it just counts as it fixed it

you would end up with an extra control at preowned price, which should be fine
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