Broken Sat Dish/LNB as Terrestrial Antenna

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Found 26th May 2009
Crazy idea but just wanted to see if anyone had tried this before. My second dish/lnb has given up the ghost and I can't be bothered to hire someone to replace it, so I though maybe I could use the cable/dish/lnb as a terrestrial antenna (by changing the F connector to a Coax one). Will this give a better signal than a indoor aerial?

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no, the lnb is designed for much higher frequencies

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Hmm, I thought that might be the case but I was hoping as the lnb will be powered down, it (and the cable) might act as a antenna without filtering out any of the signal. Guess it's a case of try it out and see what happens. Anyway thanks for confirming my suspicions :thumbsup:
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