Broken screen on my Nexus 5, repair or replace?

Found 3rd Aug 2018
I am fairly old school. I use my phone for calling, texting, checking email. I use what’s app. Occasional internet. But IPad for most at home browsing stuff.

Just would like some advice, I do love my Nexus, I am not a heavy user, so the battery issue isn’t a big deal for me. I’m on a cheap Tesco sim only deal.

I don’t want some huge phablet either.
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I too have a Nexus 5 and loved it.

I'm not too sure how much a replacement screen would be but the N5 is on the easier scale of DIY so might be quite cheap to fix.

Recently the battery on mine started dying on me and began to swell and I decided I'd get a replacement phone but possibly replace the battery on the N5 in the future as they are pretty cheap and it would be great as a spare emergency phone if a new one was lost or broken.

The reasons I decided to get a new phone,
1. No more security updates for the Nexus 5
2. The battery is, as you have mentioned, awful even when new. After getting my new phone I haven't used my powerbanks AT ALL whereas before I couldn't go out without one.
3. Only 32 bit so no upgrade from Marshmallow unless rooting, custom OS etc
4. Personally wanted a slightly larger screen.
5. Wanted more storage or micro SD slot.

Don't get me wrong I loved my N5 and without the battery swelling issue I would still be using it today. I bought the 32GB model on release day in 2013 and at the time I thought I'd spent more than I should have but now I look at it and think 4 and a bit years for a phone is a very good lifetime, it held up well.

I ended up ordering a Redmi Note 4 as a replacement from china which managed to get lost in the post but that's a whole other story.
Stung by the China experience I ordered a Moto X4 with a SD 630 and despite it's midrange processor I have been impressed and not noticed any day to day performance difference to the N5 apart from the fingerprint reader on the X4 which is a massive improvement. The bad news, that will make you smile, I bought through Carphone Warehouse so am now worried that I've been caught up in their data breach...
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My battery died, and the replacement didn't work

I've seen some aftermarket replacement screens for other phones and have not been impressed, they are usually chunky and don't fit perfectly.

Although I wouldn't go back to it now, the Nexus 6P is a lot better in every way It is starting to show it's age though, I think my next phone will be the stupidly named Pixel.
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