Broken shoulder support for sports?

Found 12th Jan 2018
Hi there,

A little while back I suffered a broken shoulder whilst playing sports. I'm looking to get back to being more active and playing some non competitive football (soccer) again. I was looking into shoulder supports and wonder if my shoulder would benefit by wearing one? Most are advertised as for help with arthritis or tendon/ligament damage so I wouldn't want to buy one if it wouldn't be of any benefit.

I'm looking at something to offer a bit of resistance to restrict movement/compress during running and also a little padding for protection.

Have any of you worn one after a similar injury?

Thanks for reading.

Ps. I'm aware of the risk of falling during sport but that's why I'm going to be playing non competitively, to reduce physical contact.
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Contact your GP or physiotherapist at hospital where you were taken after breaking your shoulder

They are the real specialists you need to ask

Yes I know GP's are under pressure, especially more so at this time of year, but I'd be surprised if you asked them if this was important enough to "waste their time" they would say yes.
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