Broken USB connection in my book external hard drive. Firewire converter available?

    Just yesterday the usb connection port in my book home 1tb drive just broke. After opening the drive, I soldered it back in. This time the usb cable managed to fit in the port but the computer doesnt recognize it. Therefore i assume that theres a problem with the board... Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Luckily it has a firewire 6 pin port, but my laptop doesn't. After looking on ebay there are a few sellers that offer a FIREWIRE TO USB convertor normally takes ages coming from Hong Kong. Does anyone know of any uk sellers, because i need it quite quickly.

    I also found a firewire to firewire 1394 converter on amazon…1-1

    would this work as a hard drive to pc connection? The reviews only state its for camcorders....

    Thanks in advance

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