Brothel Prem Boss

    So whos your money on?

    who was it?

    i think ive a good idea.


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    I've worked out who it is...
    Look at the van on this link - ]Premier League Manager Caught In Brothel

    Then Look at this, from a company selling that van - ]Van Company

    Look at where the Van Company are located and then it's simple to work out who it is.

    I grant you what I said is correct. All you need to do is do the maths...

    Arsen Wenger?

    Is this some sort of secret society discussion?

    Edit: Brothel prem boss you meant! Got it!

    Dunno tho.


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    Is this some sort of secret society discussion?


    the boss caught in the brothal

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    updated 1st post

    So which team is from Hampshire?

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    So which team is from Hampshire?…ue/

    i was reading this last week, was bored and curious so looked it up. All roads led to avram grant! The boss was smiling so that rules a lot of them out.

    So Portsmouth? Is Pual Hart still their manager?

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    So Portsmouth? Is Pual Hart still their manager?

    Avram Grant


    Avram Grant

    Yeah, just found it. So who's he killed?

    Im not sure why everybody is/was suggesting redknapp. Firstly he is married so that would reduce the chances slightly and secondly hes publically critizised his players for having the nite out, would hardly look great if he was going to brothels in his spare time.
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