Posted 7th Mar 2023
I have bought from these guys for years and the service and pricing has always been first class......i made a pretty big order last week and was going to return some of the items this week but just had an email from them stating they are closing down permanently on Friday (sad day for the employees). There is no info on how returns are going to be handled.....i dont want to return the parcel and then it goes missing and i'm hundreds out of pocket.

Would i be better just limiting the losses and punting the items on eBay/Vinted or does anyone know if there's protection for this type of thing through PayPal if the return goes unrefunded?
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  1. JoePayus's avatar
    give them a phone call huh?
    Shed1983's avatar
    I just didnt want to hassle people who are likely already miserable with the shop if there are any issues they might not get resolved.
  2. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    We are currently answering queries by email only.
    You can send us an email using our contact form or email us at (edited)
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    Thanks SaturdayGigs.......much appreciated.
  3. Mooseville's avatar
    I love it when a massive corporation buys competitors and closes them down, great for our economy and great for consumers /s
  4. willywobbles's avatar
    website has been bought as its now on redirect to items look more expensive
  5. HappyShopper's avatar
    Happy to be corrected, but I think you may be better holding off until they close and then raising a claim with your credit card provider.

    That's assuming you paid by credit card.
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    Thanks for the reply......paid using bank card through PayPal.

    They have been going for over 40 years. Just bad the grand scheme of things its painful but nothing compared to staff losing their jobs.
  6. jamesWHUFC's avatar
    Used to use them years back then found other sites better so never went back.

    Thought this may have been a good opportunity for some bargains but either they have sold their good stuff or its gone elsewhere.
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    They had loads of good deals last week......MaStrum and Pretty Green gear for 70% off. Just the dregs left i think.

    Although they might have some good stuff re-appear if anyone sends stuff back in the next couple of days.
  7. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    Woodhouse clothing is also shutting down. Seems like they're part of the same group. Big shame as I managed to get a couple of Lyle & Scott polos for £17 each from them a few weeks ago. They had some great discounts and it's sad to see them go
  8. westylakey's avatar
    Only started ordering from them around Christmas and found it brilliant. Such a shame it's going but looks like sports direct acquired them along with others. So that's probably why they are closing them all down 👎
  9. Sirraman's avatar
    I like these guys too, bought a few decent items over the years. I had 2 big purchases too, 1 arrived missing item and awaiting the other.
    I was also concerned how to contact them as the website is down already. But I'll try the email provided too. Thanks
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