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Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone would be able to give me any info on how to sort my homepage out, Problem Below.

Whenever i open up my browser it always goes to a homepage called server-fever, now i have changed it back many times but it just changes again on its own, also since i have had this homepage every now and again my browser will shut on its own.

Anyone know what could be wrong with it as i have done a full system scan and nothing showed up atall, i must point out i use MSE.

Thanks in advance any more info needed ill be happy to post.


I use google chrome and had this problem, all be it with a different homepage. I uninstalled & re-installed google chrome. Sorted it.

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I use forfox mainly but a friend told me to use chrome, and it happens with both browsers, think i may have just clicked onto the problem as its only happened since i updated forefox to the newest version, maybe a uninstall and install like u said will sort it.


Anymore info would be helpful incase this doesnt sort it.

You may have some malware / spyware on your PC.

Download malwarebytes, install it, update it, then run a deep scan.

Is 'server-fever' correct as I can't seem to find any info on this issue?

It will be a virus of sorts, virus / spyware / malware - these are everywhere and can be written to change your homepage to anything so may not specifically show up when searched for. Run a full virus scan and that should sort you out make sure you keep your definitions up to date.

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Hi all thanks for replys

A mate of mine found that server-fever is malware under the name of rdminer.exe, problem is now that I open to my internet and its just a blank white page, cannot do anything atall.

A full scan never picked this up atall, according to d mate its a new malware that obviously hasn't been picked up my MSE.

I chose the option of system restore back to factory settings and it won't even let me do that.

So for a use my phone off out at the min if anyone has any recommendations about what to do next please help. Lol.


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Just got in installed forefox again and at the minute its seems to have gone, doing full malware scan now to see if anythings appears, but its still there on internet explorer.

rdminer seems to have gone from the computer since deleting it, so fingers crossed its sorted.

Thanks for info from all of you and if i need help ill appear again
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