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Hi All,

My work place use Internet Explorer as the default browser. the displays on my machine at work.

Can I have the chioce of which browser I use at work, leagally speaking. as the IT department are not fond of installing Firefox.


The amount of security holes IE has is ridiculous, clearly your IT department seems to be full of buffoons.

Tell them IE is **** and it slows you down, get something fast like chrome or opera. Long gone are the days of firefox being fast.

It just does **** i don't want it to do, like checking for updates and downloading and installing them without asking me and taking a ridiculous amount of time to load up.

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Legally speaking I would say it's down to the organisation and their security policies.


Not a leg to stand on legally speaking. You play by your employer's rules as agreed when you signed your IT agreement.

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That's what I thought so. Thanks guys

I have the same thing, I wanted firefox installing but they won't. just annoying that the browser choice is on the desktop taunting me!!

Chances are your work have applications or sites which have been developed to work on IE and in some cases (like my work) specific ancient garbage versions of IE so we can't even upgrade them to IE 7 or 8.. shockingly.

Sadly it's policy, you have no legal right to use or install any software on your works PC that hasn't been approved in advance by your employer.
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